A Canadian man needs your help to keep fighting for his life.

The Canadian healthcare system is doing little to alleviate his suffering.

The Case

Roger Foley has been advised—multiple times—that he should consider euthanasia. Why?

Because Roger is a Canadian with disabilities who suffers from chronic pain, and the Canadian healthcare system is doing little to alleviate his suffering. As far as many medical professionals are concerned, Roger would be better off dead. That is why they have suggested that he apply for assisted suicide.

But Roger wants to live, and he needs your help.

“The healthcare system and the government is doing nothing to relieve my intolerable suffering and denying me proper and necessary healthcare,” Roger says. “They are trying to take my life away from me by a so-called ‘medically-assisted death,’ referred to as MAiD. I have been dehumanized, threatened, attacked, and abused, and my life has been completely devalued just because I am a person with disabilities.”

Meet Roger

Take a minute to meet Roger, to see and hear his story:

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Roger Foley is a graduate of Carleton University with degrees in economics and history, as well as a former National E-Business Manager with the Royal Bank of Canada. In 2013, he earned a top volunteer award with the Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards. He also suffers from a debilitating neurodegenerative disease called Cerebellar Ataxia and other health challenges. This has resulted in him changing from being a very active person to being someone needing constant care.

In 2018, Roger filed a landmark lawsuit over his treatment at the hands of healthcare professionals, stating that he has been offered assisted suicide… but not the homecare team that could give him the life he wants. In short, he has been offered the right to die, but not the right to live. Despite many setbacks and delays, Roger continues to seek to hold the healthcare system accountable and obtain the supports that he—like other Canadians—ought to be provided.

Roger has been victimized and dehumanized by Canada’s euthanasia regime, and he needs your help. Canadians like Roger, who have been left behind by those who should have helped him, must not be left behind by us. 

To move his legal case forward, Roger must fundraise $150,000 for legal fees. Please consider donating to his cause—any amount will help. Every donation is a clear message to Roger that his life matters and that thousands of Canadians have his back. 

Case Information

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On April 21, 2022, the parents signed minutes of settlement, having resolved all issues except for the COVID-19 vaccination issue. That agreement stated that S.E.T could eventually bring forward a motion to formally request decision-making responsibility for giving the children the COVID-19 vaccination. Instead, the courts decided to grant her that power without her even requesting it. 

J.WT. was never asking for total decision-making on the question of COVID-19 vaccination for his children right away. What this father was asking for was the opportunity to present his case, to explain himself, and to present expert evidence at a trial for consideration. A motion judge agreed that he should have that opportunity—but the Divisional Court decided against him.

In fact, the Divisional Court decided to go even further than J.W.T.’s ex-partner was asking and granted her final decision-making over COVID-19 vaccination for their children, even though she had only asked the court for interim decision-making. 

In short, the court pre-emptively ruled against J.W.T. without giving him the chance to present his case or his evidence, dismissing his concern for his children.

As Lia Milousis, legal counsel for the father, explains: “There is a proper legal test to be applied on an interim motion, and that test was ignored by the Divisional Court, which chose instead to apply a precedent from the Ontario Court of Appeal that was released months after the initial motion hearing—meaning that the father never had a chance to respond to that precedent in his own oral or written arguments. The court, in essence, was dismissive of the father’s right to make his case and respond to opposing arguments.”

This, says Milousis, appears to be part of a trend in Canadian courts. 

“Increasingly, what seems to be happening is that there is a division in the family law jurisprudence, whereby cases about COVID-19 vaccination are treated differently,” she said. “What the Divisional Court’s decision has done is signal that, while there is an appropriate legal test to be applied at an interim motion, a different test will be applied when the case is about COVID-19 vaccines simply because the case is about COVID-19 vaccines. This should not be the case, and it risks eroding public confidence in the administration of justice.”

J.W.T. is being represented by Garifalia (Lia) Milousis and Albertos Polizogopoulos of The Acacia Group.

For nearly 15 years, The Acacia Group’s lawyers have represented clients’ constitutional and human rights. They have appeared numerous times before the Supreme Court of Canada as well as the Federal Court and many lower courts and human rights tribunals across Canada, including in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

Combined, their team has decades of experience fighting for their clients’ civil liberties, including family rights.

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Roger hopes that this case will contribute in some way to the cause of medical freedom, and he asks for your financial support.

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